I have chosen to learn about screen printing as a skills development project. I am being mentored by Artist Ellis Martin So far I have learned the process of printing using stencils, I will be experimenting with this for a while. I will document my progress here.




I printed my body templates in blue as I’m trying different textures to reproduce them.


I am also reading Print Liberation, The Screen Printing Primer by Nick Paparone & Jamie Dillon with Luren Jenison. Ellis showed me how to coat the screens with photo emulsion this week in preparation for putting an image onto the screen. I’ve decided to broaden my self development to include other print techniques, so this week I will be starting to try out mono printing and wood printing



I then progressed to Monoprints based on celebrity culture and the power of social media influences, using magazine and newspaper cuttings as well as my own drawings.

monoprintsThis week I have been experimenting with cutting wood and lino for printing, I have only prepared the blocks so far and will be using them by the end of the week.  I have also prepared a screen for printing with photo emulsion as the one previously prepared had not worked when we tried to burn my image to it. this was probably as it had been left too long.

Some more monoprint experiments, I love how these turn out and I think they have worked really well.

monoprints2I started experimenting with Lino printing which is now my new favourite thing to do alongside monoprinting. I printed on tissue and card and love the results.


I printed the pink image using the press, it gives a clean smoother finish but I prefer the imperfections of printing by hand.


I finally screen printed my image using the photo emulsion. The image was richer on the bottom picture which was cheaper paper . I love both.




I then cut out a self portrait.


After experimenting on tissue and card I printed on newspaper.


I love how this turned out.

I cut out some text in a piece of bass wood I had laying around, I’m not as pleased with this as I was the lino, it’s not as smooth to work with either.


I like the image part of the above wood print more than the text so I will experiment further.

A larger wood print of a dolphin using found wood.


I wanted to blend colours on my lino rather than uniformly print them separately.


Then I monoprinted in multi colour just for fun…..



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