Further exploration…

I was happy with my experimental films using pixelation and the device shape spaces, but I felt that there was more to be explored.

I want to show how the world we view through the device has become more important an environment than the physical one, how we can be distracted beyond our control (while we are switched on to it) by trivial matters or by pressure from contacts and “Friends” who demand our attention. I wasn’t keen on my experiments I made with filming while walking along, as I felt that this was putting the focus on my distraction. However, as I continued trying out adding the monoprints to the moving image, (an earlier idea I had dismissed due to it being similar to my photographs) I found that it demonstrated distractions we either suffer or welcome as we go about our day.

Also, I found I could show how personal moments are also played out in public by our own doing or by others, leaving us vulnerable.





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