Originally I used the pixelation to obscure the reality we were being distracted from but I felt there was more to be discovered and it became clear to me that I could make my point more lucidly, I just had to find how….

  • I have tried various different things with film to find the best way of demonstrating what I mean
  • Filming through phone
  • Filming while moving
  • Showing multiple films at once
  • Blending films together
  • Filming Lumiere style

I want to show how the world we view through the device has become more important an environment than the physical one, so I pixelated the whole area except for a device shaped hole through which we can see what is happening.

  • I decided on the Lumiere style of filming as it establishes the film as observational rather than a film that I am participating in.
  • I will join together these observations and make a film of between 5-10 minutes as it doesn’t matter if the viewers don’t watch the whole film.

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