Film developments (my mutterings & thoughts)

The idea behind my film is to use pixelation to show how disengaged with reality we have become at times due to our device dependency. We turn away from our physical environment without a second thought the moment our device calls for our attention.

This can be momentary as we receive a text or call, but it can be a more consequential event such as demands for attention via an online presence which can become more important to us than our own reality. From this stems the question “what is our reality? is it that version that we view through the world our device portrays and is this one the one that matters?”

distractedThe idea came from my Photoshop experiments as I was figuring out how I could demonstrate this disengagement, I decided on the mosaic tool as this represented perfectly to me what was causing the distraction. Pixelation is most commonly used to disguise the faces of those who can’t or don’t want to be identified. I want to establish the link of hidden identity to the concept of an online presence that has many undertones of both keeping elements of a persons identity hidden and an essence of  revealing too much about oneself.


 These are short experiments I created in Photoshop. The purpose of the pixelated areas are to show what we are distracted away from.

I then continued with the trials as I felt there was more to be discovered and that I could demonstrate more clearly, I just had to find how. I want to show how the world we view through the device has become more important an environment than the physical one, so I pixelated the whole area except for a device shaped hole through which we can see what is happening.

I feel that these are far more effective and I will make a series of small films and stitch together.

I have yet to decide on the length of the film but I do know that it isn’t important that the viewer watches from beginning to end.



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