I have been printing wooden phones for a while now and I’m starting to make some clear decisions about them.

* I was originally unable to decide which was most effective, wooden phones with the lino printed iPhone or without. It is now clear to me that they are effective as a series with both versions. The phones without the frame of the iphones allow for more information to be viewed, the framed versions allow for just a snippet. This makes the set as a whole more effective.

* I have decided that I don’t want the phones attached to the wall, I want them to be able to be picked up, yet it is not important to me that they are so I will have them placed in lines of four or five on unobtrusive shelves.

* I will have the wooden ipads on a plinth, there won’t be so many of these as the phones.

I have experimented with the idea of spacing the phones for display and have not yet made a decision.



photo 1

photo 2


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